Restaurant and Retail POS Solutions

Corporate Directory


Edward Medeiros Chief Executive Officer Ext. 202
Lisa Medeiros President Ext. 248
Stephen Lima Chief Financial Officer Ext. 204
Joseph Santoro Chief Operations Officer Ext. 258
James Nascimento Chief Information Officer Ext. 263
Ray Wyss VP of WriteTouch POS Division Ext. 245
Austin Sylvia VP of Finance & Compensation Ext. 249


Katie Azzarone Senior Administrative Assistant Ext. 216
Cinthia Bounkhong Senior Administrative Assistant Ext. 210
Letha Jackson Reception Ext. 200

Customer Service

Wendy Medeiros VP of Customer Service Ext. 203
Marie Ayotte Customer Service Rep Ext. 205
Josh Kane Customer Service Rep Ext. 207
Jennifer McCaughey Customer Service Rep Ext. 206

Payroll Services Division

Jaqueline Mello Payroll Specialist Ext. 225
Matilda Clark Payroll Specialist Ext. 227
Stephanie Pereira Payroll Specialist Ext. 228
Alysha Daigle Payroll Specialist Ext. 223

Finance Division

Jenny Lopes Staff Accountant Ext. 247
Miranda Rabelo Staff Accountant Ext. 236
Felicia Meneses Financial Analyst/HR Coordinator Ext. 235

WriteTouch POS Division

Jesse Callahan Sales Manager     Ext. 828
Jared Mota POS Operations Manager     Ext. 813
Ryan Feely Sales Representative Ext. 241
Nicole Coviello Senior Administrator Ext. 251
Bill Ching   Technical Support Ext. 269
Angel Garcia Technical Support Ext. 221
Anthony DeLomba Technical Support Ext. 265
Stephen Chouinard Technical Support Ext. 220
Shane Pollock Technical Support Ext. 266

Technical Support

Glenn Souza Assistant V.P. of Terminal Deployment Ext. 240
Mike Emond  Technician Ext. 262
Adin Petisca   Technician Ext. 209
Anthony Castro Technician Ext. 224

Gateway and Software Solutions

Carolyn Burgess VP Gateway & Software Solutions Ext. 208
Cory DaSilva Technician Ext. 270

Marketing & Creative Solutions

George Hartshorn  Visual Communications Manager Ext. 264
Eric Hartshorn Gift Cards & Marketing Ext. 261

National Sales Team

Sales Department

Brad Williams Regional Vice President Ext. 244
Tammy Bottella Sales Representative  Ext. 259
Sharon Withee  Sales Representative Ext. 237


Ron Haerick  Regional Manager Ext. 834


Donald Kane   Sales Agent Ext. 503


Mark Forster Regional Sales Manager  Ext. 811
Michael Cohen Sales Representative Ext. 829


Matt Rea Regional Vice President  Ext. 817
Mark Forster Regional Sales Manager  Ext. 811
Jeff Sousa Sales Representative  Ext. 243
Dulce Pacheco Sales Representative  Ext. 819
Meredith Cloutier Sales Representative  Ext. 267


Terrance Mahoney Sales Representative  Ext. 611
Marie Kuhnle Sales Representative  Ext. 815


Ron Haerick  Regional Manager Ext. 834
Meredith Cloutier Payroll Sales Manager  Ext. 267
Bill Trabulsie Sales Representative  Ext. 812
Edwin Schober  Sales Representative Ext. 626

National Sales Agents


Andy Killion Sales Agent  Ext. 824
Donata Hammonds Sales Agent Ext. 860
Jane Lobkova Sales Agent Ext. 862
Cameron Koether Sales Agent Ext. 814
Stephen Samuels Sales Agent Ext. 848


Theresa Tsoi Regional Agent Ext. 874


Phil Geaber Sales Agent  Ext. 623
Joe Iacoi Sales Agent  Ext. 821


Frank Driscoll Sales Agent  Ext. 623
Mallie Massaro Sales Agent  Ext. 805

East Commerce Solutions at A Glance


No matter what type of business or industry you are in we provide merchant services and payment processing solutions that are affordable, cost effective and state of the art for your business and industry.


East Commerce Solutions offers a large selection of POS Systems and Payment Processing devices for retail stores, restaurants and businesses of all types. Here are some of the products that we offer:

Customer Service & Technical Support

East Commerce Solutions prides itself on making sure that all your customer service and technical support needs are always being met.

The Latest

POS Systems

Our POS software is everything you need in a payment solution. Our complete POS software systems feature powerful Windows based payments software

Processing Terminals

Accept every payment option from your customer.

Pay at the Table Solutions

our solutions enables secure payment to occur at the point of service, whether at the table, car-side to-go, delivery or even the cashier counter.